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Just about every guy out there is looking for some kind of sexy swimwear for men that they can wear out to the beach now that summer is around the corner. When the summer months kick in to high gear, there are a lot of guys heading out to the beach in order to relax and have some fun. But no one wants to go out to the beach wearing the same thing that they were wearing last year or something that everyone else is wearing as well. You want to be unique as possible and you can't do that with discount retail swimwear. 
Mens swimwear designs including bikinis, thongs, g-strings, micro suits, Brazilians and so much more!!!

Going out to the beach in a new swimwear design will get you all the attention over those other guys that are still wearing last year’s styles. Now, you don’t want to be like them, and wearing something from will guarantee that you are the only one out there wearing that particular design. Of course, that is until everyone else sees what you are wearing and they go to and purchase the same thing. But you can rest easy because now you are a trend setter rather than a conformist.

How many times have you worn swimsuit out in public and someone has asked you where you got them? Unless you have been wearing some of the designs from, then you probably haven’t had anyone asking you questions like that. Most everyone out there is buying their swimwear from the local discount store in the hopes that they can save money and still look good. When you start getting sucked into that rut, you will find it very difficult to get out of because everyone else is doing the same thing.

No one wants to be embarrassed by wearing spandex Lycra micro swimwear that no one else is wearing, but it's important to keep your individuality intact when you go out to the beach. The only way you are going to be able to do that is by purchasing items that no one else is going to be wearing in public. It might be a bit scary the first time you do it, but that scary feeling will fade away if you keep wearing your new designs out in public and not worry so much about what other people might be thinking.

Since you probably aren't capable of reading anyone’s mind, you have no idea what those people are really thinking about your new bikini designs. They may have the look of shock on their faces, but deep down, they are wondering how they would look in something like what you are wearing. They might even be thinking that they have the same designs at home but are too afraid to wear them out in public until they actually see someone else doing it. So no, you never know what people are thinking, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying yourself as often as possible.

The first time you wear your sexy thong designs out in public will probably draw more attention from strangers than at any other time in your life. People are going to be looking at you since you are showing off so much of your body. Now, this does mean that you are going to need a body worth showing off and you don’t want to show off too much, either. Make sure the swimwear you are wearing is in line with the rules and regulations for the beach you are going to so that you don’t get into any trouble.

There are some beaches out there that you have to be extra careful when wearing some of the micro swimwear for men from You see, there are some styles on their site that are not exactly meant to be worn out in public in any way shape or form unless you’re at a private beach or adult pool party. You have to make sure that you aren't wearing something that will be showing off things you don’t want the people in your own family seeing since they could end up being at the beach that day, too.

If you happen to live in an area that has access to a clothing optional beach, then you can wear just about any tiny swimwear for men that has to offer without worrying about getting into trouble. But not all men live close to these kinds of beaches, so you will have to think about what you are purchasing and what beach you are going to be visiting before you order anything. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can't order what you want from their site. It just means that you have to determine whether or not you can wear what you do order out in public.

There are plenty of erotic sheer swimwear that has to offer for those guys that couldn’t care less about wearing their swimwear out in public and would rather have some fun with them instead. You can wear things like this to parties or around your house whenever you want to. You can even wear them under your clothing so that you can have that sexy feeling while you are out for the day or even working. There is no stopping you from wearing the items you want to wear. Just make sure you keep them hidden as much as possible from the general public.

If you are planning on wearing your G-string for men under your clothing, you will need to make sure that they fit perfectly under the pants that you are wearing. There are some designs that are going to require the use of baggy pants and some that will work better if you are wearing tighter pants. You need to look at the pictures that has to offer you so that you can determine how they are going to fit and what kind of pants you should wear over them.

There are a lot of professionals in the world that love wearing their sexy swimwear to the office everyday so that they get all that sexiness and comfort while they are working. Now, that may not be something that every guy is able to do, but the ones that are able to, are instantly going to understand why guys would do something like this. You can literally feel the stress leaving your body when you are wearing something that is this comfortable all day long. How great would it be to work without stress?

Of course, you have to be careful with the styles of swimwear that you purchase from because some of them will be so comfortable for you that you become lethargic in your daily routines and that isn't going to help anyone. That doesn’t mean that you have to go back to wearing traditional underwear or anything. It means to just be sure the swimwear that you are going to have on under your clothing doesn’t cause you to want to go lay out in the sun rather than go to work every day.

If you are one of those guys that always has the latest sexy swimwear micro bikini fashions, then you know how important it is to mix things up from time to time. If you head out onto the beach every day or every weekend wearing the exact same swimwear, then there are going to be people wondering if there is something wrong with you. You need to have multiple suits that you can wear so that people are getting the chance to see something different on you every time you go out. That doesn’t mean you have to break your bank account just to make sure you have every item, though. has such reasonable prices for their ultra micro items that you can easily afford a couple suits every time you visit their site. In this way, you can wear something different when you go out to the beach and you won't feel like people have gotten used to what you look like. You can still impress everyone out there and you don’t have to worry about spending too much money in the process. Saving money is one of those things everyone has to do these days, but that doesn’t mean you can't have some fun at the same time.

There are some sites out there that say they have micro swimsuits for men available, but you end up paying a huge price for something that isn't really close to being sexy when you get it in the mail. These sites usually don’t have pictures of their items being worn by hot models, either. If you are browsing through sites like this to find your next piece of swimwear, then you need to stop and head over to Not only are you going to get pictures of models wearing their items, but you are going to get sexy swimwear at half the cost of those other sites.

Now, there are some guys that want to spend as much money as possible for their sexy spandex swimsuits for men to ensure that they are getting the best possible quality. That is a perfectly fine thing to go for if you have that kind of money, but why would you want to spend all that money when you can get the same quality from If you enjoy throwing money away for no reason, then go ahead, but all the smart guys are going to get the same quality you are getting without having to spend that much money in the process.

No one understands what quality means in your thong swimsuits more than They know that you don’t want to have to purchase swimwear every couple of months because the last pair fell apart or a strap broke when you were pulling them on. They know that you want something that is going to last for as long as possible, and you don’t want to spend a week’s pay on it, either. That is the quality you are going to get from and nowhere else.

While quality is important in your bikinis and price is also a factor in what you are purchasing, you should also consider the amount of comfort you are going to get. You might be surprised to find out that some of the designs from that might not look comfortable are some of the most comfortable items you could ever put on your body. It's a bit odd for some guys to look at these designs and see anything that even resembles comfort, but it is definitely there if you give them a shot.

How many times have you been wearing traditional swimming trunks and had them start to fall down when you were getting out of the pool? Well, with Brazilian bikini swimwear from you will never have to worry about that happening ever again. These designs will fit you like a glove as long as you purchase the right size, and you will never have to use one hand to hold them up when you get out of the pool again. That is something that a lot of guys out there will absolutely fall in love with the first time they wear them.

You may think that wearing Lycra thong swimwear  like the ones you can find on means you have to either be gay or have some kind of a fetish involved in your decision. The truth is there are plenty of straight guys that don’t have a fetish wearing these kinds of items every single day. Gay men love showing off their bodies to their partners and they love wearing these designs as well, but straight men seem to feel a bit more manly while wearing them.

No matter what you may think about wearing sheer swimwear, your partner is going to adore you even more than they already do when you wear them around the house. Just imagine what kind of looks you are going to get from your partner when you walk into the bedroom wearing something that is showing off your best feature. Of course, you should be a bit careful so that you don’t accidently scare them by wearing something a bit more erotic than they are used to seeing you wear. If that is what you are going to do, then you might want to make sure your partner is a willing participant.

If you are unsure of how your partner is going to react to the more erotic versions of micro swimwear that offers, then you might want to have them browse through the website with you at least once. In this way, you are able to see the reactions that your partner is having when you click on the individual items so that you can gauge which ones are going to be welcomed in your bedroom. You want to make sure that your partner is willing to see you wearing these designs and not flip out when you show off your body in them.

The truth is that some of the ultra micro swimwear designs that are available look a lot like sex fetish wear and not swimwear at all. If you walk into the room wearing some of these designs and your partner isn't aware that they are swimwear, then they might think you have lost your mind. Of course, if your partner and you are into some really kinky things in the bedroom, then you might just be fulfilling a secret fantasy that they have always had without knowing it.

If you don’t have a partner, then you are pretty much free to wear whatever sexy swimwear for men you want to wear without having to worry about it. Of course, if you bring someone over for the night, you might not want to wear the extra erotic items during that first little adventure for the same reason. You should work your way up to the more erotic options and start out with something that is sexy, yet a bit more modest in nature. This won't be too hard to do, either, since has so many options available for you to choose from.

You will be surprised at all the different styles of swimsuits for men that are available and it might take you some time to pick out your first pair. There is no rush to purchase anything on your first visit to, although most guys that visit and take a look around will end up buying something. That is the good thing about having such a variety of swimwear available; you can look through and find all kinds of items that you want to purchase and create a virtual list of them that you can choose from every time you visit in the future.

You could try going to a brick and mortar store in your local area to find some hot swimsuits that you can wear, but you aren't going to get the same amount of choices that way. Stores like this might have some great options to choose from, but when you consider you are only choosing between a couple of different designs versus tens of different designs, there is no contest on where you should be. Sites like get the option of shipping from a warehouse where local stores only have their own shelves to keep stocked.

When you consider that local stores aren't going to be able to hold as many spandex micro swimsuits for men items as a full-fledged warehouse, then you can see the benefit of ordering your swimwear online right away. But you also have to look at the privacy aspect of your ordering. If you are the type of guy that would prefer other people didn’t know about what you were wearing under your clothing, then going into a store that would sell items like this might not be something you are willing to do on a regular basis.

However, if you want to keep your Lycra swimwear items a secret, then ordering them online is the only way to go. No one is going to know about what you are purchasing and you can get them in the mail and try them on as soon as you get home. In this way, you don’t have to worry about asking a sales associate for help and embarrassing yourself in a store filled with people. Of course, most of the stores that would sell items like this are adult in nature anyway, and just walking out of these stores can be embarrassing.

You don’t want to have to explain to your family that you were buying sheer swimwear in an adult store if they happen to drive by and see you walking out with a bag in your hand. That can be one of the most embarrassing moments in your life, especially if they want to see what kind of swimwear you had just bought. Can you imagine having to try on and model some of the more erotic options for your Grandmother and Grandfather because they don’t understand what you are trying to tell them of the designs you just purchased?

Purchasing swimwear can be a complicated matter, but there is nothing sexier for you to wear. You are going to find that wearing these types of items will increase the amount of fun you have in your life, and the amount of confidence you have as well. There is nothing better at boosting your confidence than something that makes you look exceptionally sexy when you walk out in public. Plus, having all those people staring at you and asking you where you got that awesome swimwear is going to do wonders for your self-esteem. Just give them a chance and find out why so many other men out there are wearing the same things on a daily basis.

We are starting to see a real decline in men wearing those huge baggy board shorts and switching to swimwear for men designs including Bikinis, thongs, g-strings, pouch only designs, sheer suits, male to female transformation designs and more.

European men have led the way in the transition from shorts to skimpy designs. The most popular designs have been thongs and bikinis with g-strings coming on strong. Each one of those sexy swimwear for men designs has sub groups. There are bulge enhancing suits to make you look larger,

There are micro design that offer amazingly little coverage some of them as small as the smallest girls swimwear, male to female transformation designs that are used by both straight and gay men to get the full feminine experience.

My personal favorite would be the Koala Slut Boy G-string it is so impossibly small it just barely covers the equipment and pushes it out so it is the center of attention. Every time I wear it to the beach I have men and women come up to me and ask me where I bought it. I have made more hook-ups wearing my tiny micro suits then I ever did in those baggy shorts. My tan looks great. I must say it took some time getting used to wearing  swimwear. It was a big change. I started by wearing Speedos to the beach. Back then they felt so small and I felt so exposed. I then changed to bikinis, then thongs which were a big change having your rear completely exposed. At first I would not get up from my towel and would rarely lay on my tummy. Oh let me jump out of order for a second just in case you are ready to try wearing sexy swimwear for men. You need to shave! Waxing is even better. I have had all my pubic hair and what little hair I had on my back removed by laser and when you are wearing micro swimwear for men you need to be hairless. Picture smooth and hairless just like the girls are. If you are into girls bi or straight ask most girls and they will tell you they would love the man with little or no hair and truth is it makes you look larger down there! So back to thongs, it did take time but once I got used to them I would body surf in them, wear them to pool parties and when on vacation I would wear them at hotels. Once you get used to people seeing you just about nude wearing a Speedo seems almost as bad as wearing those huge shorts they feel huge. My feeling is that many men feel the same way and that is why sexy swimwear designs seem to be getting more and more extreme. My standard suit now a days is a micro g-string that is always smaller then any of the girls wear. My girlfriend loves it and always wants me to wear it around her friends. That has led to some interesting engagements. It is so small that when I have my clothes off at the gym other guys think I tan in the nude. I also find it amazing how often other guys hit on me in the showers and in the steam room. If you are bi or gay wearing sexy swimwear for men opens the flood gate of other men who will be into you. Not so in Europe but in the USA sexy swimsuit designs have often been equated with being gay. While there really is no truth to that it seems like attitudes here are starting to change. Sure we are most likely a decade or more behind European open mindedness but we are getting there! One other point I would like to share with you. When you wear these very hot designs you get the benefit of wearing form fitting body hugging spandex with out a doubt the sexiest fabric on the planet.

Let’s start out by letting everyone know that when it comes to sexy
swimwear there is nothing close to Koala swimwear designs for men. They invented
sexy swimwear for men.
I am a fan of micro swimwear and I have a very large collection of
suits most of which are made by Koala. I enjoy wearing bikinis, thongs,
g-strings and their fetish style swimwear. I have interviewed Koalas head
designer Michael David about his wild designs and who and wear they are used.
Let me first give you an over view of micro swimwear. Not all that long
ago Speedos like the kind you see at swim meets were considered micro swimwear

. Things have progressed at rather amazing speeds over the last few years
in the men's swimwear design field. I would make the bold statement the sheer
swimwear for men design have pasted even the most extreme designs for women.
The reason I say this is because men’s suits have passed even the most extreme
micro stage. Here is an example. There are designs for both men and women which
expose the anatomy. The most extreme women’s suits and yes these are seen at
some of the wilder public beaches have most of the vagina exposed along with the
woman being topless. These suits are just tiny triangles that cover almost
nothing with lips and sometimes clitoris being exposed. I think these suits
look amazing on the right girl with the right body a thing of beauty akin to a
work of art. So you might ask how could a sexy swimsuits be any more
extreme then that. Well there are now designs that expose and sometimes fully
expose the penis as part of the style. These suits are the cutting edge of mens
swimwear and not accepted by all they are coming into there own as fashion
statements. Some of these designs are so extreme that they stretch and push the
penis and balls into unique positions. It is both wonderful to see and
interesting at the same time. Again it takes the right guy with the right body
to pull it off but when it all comes together you have a jaw dropping visual.
I have tried on most of what are considered the most extreme of extreme sexy
swimwear for men, I would rate myself as a true coinsurer of swimwear not unlike
a wine aficionado. I am qualified to render opinion on what style will fit what
models body best and I have worked with many companies and designers for shows
and catalog work.

I feel that no matter what size you are you should feel comfortable wearing what
ever suit you choose.
Women for years have been able to wear the smallest bikinis without regard to
body shape and I truly feel men should do the same. That said I can recommend
styles I think look best for body types.

When it comes to bikini swimwear for men there are some suits that look better on
some bodies. There are of course young guys with killer bodies that can wear any
suit and look great but for the real world
Sometimes trying on a number of designs until you find the one that looks best
is the right path.
You may be surprised to learn that with your body type a micro g-string looks
much better then a full coverage bikini. We will not talk about shorts here
Becuse I believe huge shorts are great on the basketball court but please keep
the off the beach!


There are going to be times in your life when wearing sheer swimwear is the only way of showing off that hot body you have. You have spent years working to sculpt the perfect body and there is nothing more exciting than being able to show that body off with one of finest items. Once you find something that you feel will show off your body, you can sit back and wait for it to arrive in the mail. That is much better than going to those adult clothing stores.

However, if you are willing to wear micro swimwear  in order to show off your body to all those around you, then you are probably more than comfortable with going into an adult clothing store and picking something out. Of course, you are going to get a much better selection by going to a site like than you are by going to a local store. You are also going to be able to find all the designer swimwear you could ever want at instead of those knock-offs that you find in local retail stores around the country.

Showing off your body in swimwear for men takes a bit of practice if you have never worn anything like this before. The first thing you are going to want to do is walk around your home in them until you are comfortable with the way they fit. This can take some guys a bit of time because they aren't used to the way these designs fit, but once you get used to them, then you can head on out to the local beach or pool and show everyone your new swimwear with ease.

Mens swimwear designs from around the world including thongs, g-strings, bikinis, micros and more!

You will need to make sure that you can wear that sexy swimwear out in public, though. There are a lot of rules and regulations on public beaches about what you can and cannot wear in public. These rules and regulations are there for a reason and you need to make sure that you abide by them at all times. This may mean that you have to put your more erotic swimwear on hold until you can find somewhere to wear them, but that is always for the best when you consider that public beaches are there for the whole family.

The good news is that has plenty of options for your sexy swimwear for men that aren't as erotic as they could be. These swimsuits will allow you to wear them comfortably in public without worrying about who might be looking at you. They will still allow you to show off your body as well, but they will keep the things that might offend people from direct site. You can always wear the more erotic options under your clothing, though, if you have a fetish for it or just want to enjoy the comfort during the day.

There are quite a few guys out there that prefer to wear their swimwear under their clothing anyway. This gives them that sexy feeling even though no one actually gets to see it. The feeling, however, usually translates into a more relaxed appearance and that will show to everyone around you. While they may not know that you are wearing sexy swimwear under your clothing, they will definitely get that sexy vibe off of you every time you walk past. You see, there is more than one way to show off your sexy body while wearing swimwear.

One of the things you are going to have to remember when purchasing your first swimwear for men is that you shouldn’t go for the most outrageous piece right off the bat. You need to go with the ones that look like they will be the most comfortable first and work your way up to those extravagant pieces later on. You have to do this because you are not going to like the way they fit at first, and you should do what you can to make sure that your swimwear is as comfortable as possible.

Wearing ultra micro swimwear for men is something that a lot of guys really want to do; unfortunately they tend to not have the body for it. There are plenty of guys out there that just don’t like the way their body looks in some of these styles of swimwear and there is nothing wrong with that. You just have to impress the people you are around the most. If you have a partner, then let them browse through the sites with you so that they can tell you what they think you would look well in before you buy something completely ridiculous for your body style.

Your partner knows what your body style looks like from a different view point than you do, and that means they will be able to pick out the perfect fetish swimwear for your needs. They will be able to show you what you should be wearing so that you can show off the assets that your body has and keep the rougher stuff hidden from view. You just have to make sure that you aren't getting upset with what they think you should be wearing and be open to any advice they might offer to you.

Advice from others is something most guys don’t like to hear, especially when it comes to picking out thong swimwear, but it could be the thing that helps you the most. Just because you might like the way something looks on you doesn’t mean that you should be walking around in public wearing it. Your tastes may be a bit odd to others and you will need to have a second opinion to make sure that you aren't going out looking like a complete fool. Unless, of course, you want to look like a fool, then disregard the above mentioned advice.

Once you find that perfect sexy swimwear to wear around in public, you are going to want to wear it all the time. Because of the amount of comfort that you are getting from it, you should probably think about getting a couple instead of just one piece. The good thing is that usually has more than one color of these swimsuits that you can choose from and that should help you in picking out a style that you can purchase more than one with. Now, you can wear them all the time if you so desire.

You will find that a lot of guys that purchase multiple micro swimwear pieces will wear a different one each day to ensure that they are getting the comfort and sexiness that they have fallen in love with. If that sounds like something you would be interested in, then you are in luck as has some of the best prices on the internet for this type of swimwear. Other places are more worried about their profit margins, but cares about customer happiness and how sexy they are going to look wearing their designs.

Sure, there are some guys out there that don’t care about the price of their sheer swimwear, but with the economic issues that are plaguing the world these days, it always pays to be able to save some money on the items you are purchasing. If you have the money to go out and buy all those expensive, yet low quality, pieces from other online stores, then go ahead. You will end up having to replace them in a short amount of time anyway, so the money shouldn’t be an issue.

You are going to want to make sure that the sexy swimsuits you are buying is worth the price you are paying for them and only can give you that worth. Their prices are representative to the quality they are offering you and the fact that they want you to return to purchase more items from them once you find out just how comfortable and well-fitting their designs truly are. You can't go wrong with a company that puts their customers first like that, and you won't want to go through any other site once you find one that is willing to give you their best.

Now that you have found your perfect sexy swimsuits and you have worked on your body to get it to where you want it so that you can show it off, where should you go first? If you live in a fairly warm climate, then you can simply head out your door and show everyone in your neighborhood just what you have to offer. You can be assured that you will get a lot of double takes as you walk down the street and most of those people will be seeing you in a completely new light.

If you live in a milder climate, then you might want to take your swimwear for men to a pool party that one of your friends might invite you to. Don’t have any friends with a pool to have a party at? Well, wear your swimwear around town for a few days and you are sure to find someone out there that will invite you over to their pool party to introduce you to their friends. It’s all a matter of getting yourself out there and seen by the people in town first.

Once people start seeing your sexy body in that swimwear, then it’s all you will be able to do to keep up with the amount of invitations that you will be getting. Just imagine how many parties you are going to have to make over the weekends. You might find it rather difficult to keep track of so many social functions, and you are sure to miss a couple due to your exhaustion and lack of sleep because you have been partying so much. That is the life you wanted, though, right? After all, you are the one that bought the swimwear.

Now, there are some guys out there that are too shy to show off their sexy swimwear to just anyone. These guys aren't trying to get invited to all kinds of parties and would prefer to have small gatherings of a few close friends instead. That is a great time to show off your body to those friends and start a new trend with your gatherings. It’s almost like starting a tradition, and soon all of your friends will be heading over to to purchase their very own versions of sexy swimwear that they can wear next time.

How cool would it be for you and your friends to start a sexy bikinis club where all you do is wear these sexy items from and talk about the comfort they can give to you? A swimwear club is the exact place you are going to want to show off your body and you and your friends could start one in your own town just for kicks. It’s a great way of having some fun and everyone knows that guys love secret societies and all the stuff that they entail.

So, maybe it wouldn’t be a secret society but wearing your sexy thongs around for fun can make you feel a part of something much bigger in this life. You have the ability to change your outlook on your life if you are only willing to give in to your urges once in a while and have some fun. Think of how much fun you and your friends could have just in wearing this type of sexy swimwear from There is nothing stopping you from living the life you have always wanted to live, so why not get out there and show off your body to everyone that is willing to look at it?